Terrific Content Rotators, "Image Rotators", Text And Link Rotators, Php Rotators, Background Image And Background Color Rotators, Cookie Rotators, rotate ads, articles, url's, news, web pages, banners, flash, web page colors, styles, divs, etc.,--by days of the year and days of the month, by hours, minutes, seconds, milliseconds, and in order! Random rotators also come with all of these! These rotate precisely, probably anything you'll ever need! If you need to rotate content but only when the next page loads, the link at the bottom of this page leads you to our best quality low priced php and other cookie rotators. Pages viewing strangely in any browsers is usually due to older versions of IE on your computer, you can still read all data.

If you're looking for best rotators that are also next to nothing in cost, that are chuck full of many extra important needed features, you won't find a better value for web page rotators! We know, we looked and couldn't find them, and is why we developed and provide them all for you here. Here, you'll be amazed at all the features you get with your rotators for their low price, and we make sure you get the best quality web page rotators anywhere! This is the first orginal site online to list many quality rotator scripts. These are also made by our rotator programmers who specialize in top rotator programming as possible, so you know you are getting best quality rotators! It won't take you long to find the rotators you need, its easy to learn to navigate these pages. If you want a rotator that only switches to something different on a the next page load only, link to all best and lowest priced PHP cookie rotators is found at the bottom of this page. We also have best main PHP rotators, they rotate by day, hours, minutes, or seconds, you can skip to the link to them found at the bottom of this page also. You can read all other prices and details from here, or skip to the beginning of the Image Etc. Rotator to start reading about each javascript rotator's details. You can even get past the image rotators, if you need to get to our content rotators and our text rotators. You'll probably be interested in all the rotator you are looking for will do. The javascript rotators on this page rotate any kind of content besides images, but this is true about those online called a free "image rotator." Most of them only rotate randomly. They often also rotate the same items twice in a row. Then they only have one approach to their random timing. The free "image daily rotators" that rotate in order that you find online, don't rotate on the day you want them to, they have only one approach to their timing, or visitors can't see something new from the very start each time they visit your pages, if you want them to. Others change when the page loads only, or only rotate one size at a time. They also rotate images only without any extra image features that you might need with the images. The good news with any of these content rotators is, you avoid and have the opposite of all these problems! Most often people need extra timings later than they think they will at the start also. We will also help you if you need any assistance getting any of these up and running on your pages,--but our instructions are so easy you might not need it. All of the information for each of our rotators stays right here on these pages where you can easily find them, without being hidden behind any other buttons, so you can read all that these do easily and anytime you need. It is true that rotating content, makes visitors take your pages more seriously because they know there is more involved than just still content, and makes your pages more interesting due to the extra activity. With these javascript rotators, these are not affected by popups being turned off because these are not and have no popups. Also all browsers come with javascript enabled now, it is now way too popular, --most sites use it for one reason or another now for even their biggest applications and the internet consortium says javascript is now the most popular script online. These rotators are set up to rotate items right before your eyes automatically, or you can disable to only happen on page load, if you like. You can put many rotators on one page and wherever you want, timing each differently as you wish,--or just one, however you prefer. Let everyone think you do a lot of work to rotate your content, free yourself up from your computer and web site and let these scripts do all the work for you. If you don't see the items you need to rotate in these rotator pages, go to the bottom of this page and read about contacting "help," to ask if these will rotate what you need. These rotators are endorsed by Mooonbaby because of their great value. Mooonbaby also sponsors "Your Forms," under "Web Site Forms" under the button in the menu, for php forms and database information you can't find elsewhere for less. Once you purchase any of these, they are yours forever. These rotators are always current and thoroughly tested and these rotators are available now! Rotate all your own content yourself!

If you need general information about these rotators: There is nothing hard to figure out on how to make these work. High traffic sites are not a problem. You do not need to take the long time it takes to log in and out of a database to run any of these, they are super fast and easy to use. You just add a small command to your pages source code, its easy to keep them all straight even if you put more than one in each page. Our scipts rotate items directly into these line locations,--anywhere! All you do is list your items you want to rotate, any updates you can make in the future when you want, and its done. If you want some items to appear more often just include them more than others. We highlight our main rotators first that rotate items in order because you control it all. Sometimes there are things you want viewers to see more often than others, or not. You can even make things look as random as you want as well, but you also get better random rotatators for free with all of these! These rotators rotate the items replacing others, immediately right before you, plus you can disable to only happen on page load if you prefer. When all these rotators get to the end of their rotating items, they all start over automatically, in a continual loop! Our PHP rotators still rotate by day, hours, minutes, or seconds if you need search engines to read and search all the content. Search engines just skip over the top of the javascript text, but javascript does not keep search engines from searching all the other parts of your page. Our javascript rotators following all have very quick rotations or slower timer applications. Most other scripts are server side scripts and their timing is slower automatically, but still fast on page load. Besides its versatile timing, another huge asset about these javascript rotators is it doesn't matter what kind of web page you put them in, .php, cgi. html. etc. Where in asp you have to put it in only an .asp page etc.,--and similar with other scripts. Although you get other options to include PHP scripts in other pages on our PHP Rotator pages, link to them at the bottom of this page. There is no need to have all the headaches, and way too long a time trying to get all these many options yourself or by paying others to get them for you, these prices are so low and do so much, they'll save you tons of time and money! They all have super low costs individually so you can get only what you need,--and group items, where you can get extra items for even less. These also keep you from purchasing more expensive software, or keep from many services that rotate content for you with expensive memberships.

Image Etc. Rotator

Rotates Image Types By Milliseconds, Seconds, Minutes, Hours, By Day Of The Month Or By Day Of The Year, With Several Approaches. Rotates Them In Order! Image Etc. Random Rotator Comes With This Also!

Each Image Can Be Its Own Link If You Choose, Image Can Have Its Own Title. Rotates Still Or Animated Images. Can Rotate Ads And Banners Also. Switches Easily From One Size To Another Without Listing Any Sizes. Rotates all the images listed following!

This first item is our Image Etc. Rotator, and is only 2.50! This Image Etc. Rotator, adds image files, directly to your pages. No need to mess around with image size parameters whatsoever, it automatically switches to different sized images, and also rotates back and forth between .png .gif, .jpg, .jpg2 .tiff, .swf, .xpm, .cdr, .bmp, .cpi, .fla, .igs, .mng,
.pbm, .pgm, .ppm, and some other image types in every different rotation,--all within the same script! We rotate one per second in the demonstration above just to show you how accurate these are, but they can go much faster with no change in how they look! Sometimes people want to use ads or banners as image files and want them to go even faster. Rotating images by day is no problem, you can rotate by days of the month of days of the whole year and many other options. Images can be photos, other kinds of images, animations, banners, ads, etc. Many timers come with this, but with three important approaches. This doesn't mean they can only time 3 ways, they can rotate in hundreds of different ways! The first approach is they can rotate when particular seconds, minutes, hours, day, or days the items are listed on, arrives. This way when someone revisits your page they see a different image in the very beginning each time. But you can time them at 5 minutes, 30 seconds, 2 hours, whatever you want! The second approach is you can list as many items to rotate as you want. Then you can adjust timers to rotate in however many milliseconds, through to days you specify. Once again, you choose the timing,--increase or slow down the timers to just your desired amount. The third approach is exactly the same as the second approach on listing however many items you want, only it picks your items completely randomly so there is something new from the start each time again, and adjust its timing as well. Read the bottom of this javascript section on our random rotators other very important features, because the random rotator is also important. The Image Etc. Rotator is set up so that each image is a different link of its own, so when each separate image is clicked on, they lead to different web page elsewhere, on your own site or anothers. Title text appears for each different image as well when the images are hovered over with a mouse, but these extra features can be easily disabled if you choose. In our above rotating images we disabled these extra features, as a seconds demonstration only, since they are going so fast they are not needed, but our Image Etc. Rotators come with these extra features included. We'll tell you how to add background colors, colored text and styles, underneath, surrounding, or near each separate image also. That way when your images rotate, different background colors for whichever images you choose, and colored text for each image will rotate along with them as well,....or you can utilize the colors in your pages instead. Considering the needed features these rotating images have, no set up for different image sizes or types, all the type of image files you can rotate, all the fantastic timing options included, this value is excellent! To get the Image Etc. Rotator, click   Click here.

Complete Image Rotator

Rotates Images And Ads By Milliseconds, Second, Minute, Hour, By Day Of The Month Or By Day Of The Year, With Several Approaches. Rotates Them In Order. Rotates Text And Divs As Well. Our Image Etc. Rotator, Above, And A Complete Image Random Rotator Comes With This Also! Rotates Still Or Animated Images. Rotates Ads Or Banners Very Easily As Well. Switches Easily From One Size To Another Without Listing Any Sizes.

Rotates Background Colors, Colored Borders Of Any Style, Near, Or On top Of Each Different Image In The Script Itself. Since Its Set Up To Rotate Text Along With Images, It Does Everything Our Complete Text And Link Rotator Does Below, Or Rotate Text At The Same Time Along With Images! Rotates XHTML Divs On Your Page As Well!

The Complete Image Rotator does exactly everything our Image Etc. Rotator does above with ALL its SAME timing options, and the SAME image type files and sizes, plus all this: This is called the Complete Image Rotator, because it does everything for an "image rotator," or an "ad rotator." Inside this script itself you not only have a different image in each rotation, but you can design your rotating images on top of different colored backgrounds for each separate image, while easily adding colored borders for each one. You can rotate different colored text, or colored text links along with each separate image. Separate title text can appear for each image, when each image is hovered over, and each separate image can be a link to another page on your site or elsewhere. You can utilize as many of these features that only you need, or keep it rotating images as basic as you choose and all can be done on each separate line within the same script! Other rotators are included within this script as well. You can use it with or without images, as a complete text and link rotator, with all the timing and functions that our Complete Text And Link Rotator has below. You can even switch back and forth from one choice to another, text in one rotation, images in another etc. Images with one colored border, background and text in one rotation, switching to another colored text, background and border in the next rotation, and text in another rotation. All rotating the different options together or separately. You can use all colors and styles, text styles, borders styles, like you normally do in any web pages. You can even hook them up with separate css classes if you choose, but its not needed to insert colored backgrounds and different colored text directly into the script. The other rotator included within this script is you can add various xhtml tags to the script. If you want to add "p" tags "font" etc, whichever are your favorites, most of them are allowed! Maybe you want to rotate divs themselves in your web pages and whats in them, this rotator will do that too! This script works great for ads and banners because you can doll them up however you want right into the script, and those are also image files. Don't forget, you also get our first Image Etc. Rotator and its own random rotator above and the Complete Random Image Rotator,--with this! For a perfect image, ad, or banner rotator that does everything, 5.00 is more than a fantastic value!  Click here.

You can get this next rotator with this if you get the group, or you can get it individually, as with any of these rotators. The next item is a complete javascript content rotator:

Master Content Rotator

Rotates By Seconds, Milliseconds, Minutes, Hours, By Day Of The Month Or By Day Of The Year In Order! A Master Content Random Rotator, Our Image Etc. Rotator Above, And A Basic Text Link Rotator Comes With This Also!

Rotates Still Or Animated Images, Images As Links To Another Page, Images With Text When Hovered Over, Text Or Text Links With Any Colors And Styles, Articles, News, Web Pages On Others Sits As Well As Your Own, Also Urls Like .Com .Net Etc., Pages Within Pages, Ads, Background Colors And Borders, Cartoons, Banners, Tables, Parts Of Pages, And Much More.

This rotator is called the Master Content Rotator because it will rotate probably anything you'll ever need! This script is designed so you can put ALL type of files, directly into any of your pages, while rotating them at the same time. Plus it rotates any pages on other sites including .coms. orgs. etc., your own site pages, any image types on other sites as well as your own, and flips back and forth between them all on different rotations within the same script! You even get extra rotators with this. This will rotate text, the smallest files and gigantic very easily as well, or rotate just one type of file if you don't want all these other options. There are several timers that come with this again, with three approaches like all our above rotators have. You might prefer a seconds, minutes, hours, or daily timer that rotates just at a specific time an item is listed on. So the items always start with something different and right on the time you want them to. You can also have them rotate at 5 hours, 15 seconds, 30 minutes, whatever you want. The content can rotate in milliseconds, seconds, minutes and up to day or days at at time, anything in between, and you can list many items. Plus like any of our main javascript and php rotators, it can even rotate by days of the whole year! Just adjust their timers as you need any of them. You also get a Master Content Random Rotator that you can adjust the timing just as you wish but it picks items randomly so its always something different from the start, and you can list many items that way as well. Read the bottom of this javascript section on our random rotators other features that matter. For the Master Content Rotator.... images, medium to small text files, or smaller html etc. files work best for seconds or milliseconds timing. Larger pages take longer to load in browsers so it also needs time to load in this script. Otherwise they can rotate in milliseconds as well. If you would like to rotate some items outside your Master Content Rotator, we also give you for free with this the "Image Etc. Rotator" above so your image files can have extra features. Also a Basic Text Link Rotator that rotates text links very fast in milliseconds plus all the same timing options included with all of these javascript rotators! This means even the basic link rotator, rotates by days of the year and all the same many other timing options as well. The text links can be any size, text style, and color you choose. The extra rotators that come with this inserts items directly into your pages. You can use the Link Rotator that comes with this to rotate text links, and the Image Etc. Rotator to rotate your images, or you can rotate images in this same script itself with all other files! Or you can rotate your images, text and text links from a small file and rotate it with the Master Content Rotator. So you can add any background colors and other styles and colors, just like you can in the "Complete Image Rotator" to get any extra effects you want. The Master Content Rotator itself utilizes adjustable, included I-frames, which are simple to use. I-frames are not frames, you only add a tag as you do any other, anywhere on your web page. It creates seamless, borderless, inclusions that look just like part of your page. Almost all browsers now support I-frames, because too many now use them and like them too much. Search engines skip right over the top of them and still seach the rest of your pages perfectly. If you need to test I-frames to see that browsers support them and see exactly what they are, try one in your pages, adding a correct path to a file. Adjust the height and width to accomodate the size of item you are inserted into it.
<iframe src="http://www.website.com/test.txt,.gif,.html" width=150 height=150 scrolling=no frameborder=0 ></iframe>Thats all there is to it, and our rotating items change and rotate directly into them just as you need them to. This script works well for web sites that need to rotate several news sources, change whole pages around now and then, move parts around on one page as they wish, want to rotate any type of files easily, or just want to rotate anything on their site, and more. Considering the complete control you have over rotating any kind of content, rotating image files along with web page files, any files on other sites as well as your own, the timing options to fit all your needs, all the extra rotators included with this for free with their features and hundreds more timing options, and the higher costs of rotating all this elsewhere including the higher cost of rotating just URLS like .coms etc., 10.00 is another fantastic value! You can also get all of these javascript rotators for only 15.00 and everything that comes with each one. Click on the light blue text following to get these items individually or as a group, or continue to read about the Complete Text And Link Rotator following. For the Master Content Rotator click here.

You can also use the Master Content Rotator as a specialty URL rotator. For directories type sites that feature rotating URLS or rotating web pages, where visitors can bookmark the rotating web pages they like, or not.

Complete Text And Link Rotator

Rotates Complete Text Or Complete Text As Links By Milliseconds, Seconds, Minutes, Hours, Or By Day Of The Month Or Day Of The Year. Rotates Them In Order! Complete Text And Link Random Rotator Comes With This Also!

Rotates Text Or Text As Links In Any Colors And Styles. Rotates Text And Text Links As Small Or As Large As You Want! Rotates More Than Text And Text Links.

The Complete Text And Link Rotator individually is only 5.00! This rotator also rotates complete images with any colors, styles, and text just like our Complete Image Rotator above. We decided to make it rotate those things as well, so that many times if you need it this one rotator will do it. In our tiny demonstration at the top of this page, the Complete Text And Link Rotator shows how accurate the timing is, and for example only the demonstration rotates at text and text links at 2 seconds. It can also rotate very fast in milliseconds or slower as well! It shows how you can rotate text only or the text as links to others sites pages or your own. Often web sites feature web site text links. You can have yours rotate a different line in all new font style and colors, or make it as easy as you want. This rotator can be appealing if you would like to list a lot of links to other web sites, but want to save room on your pages for your own needs, or just to add more interesting activity to your pages. It is also nice if you want to say something about a link in regular text, and then have the link appear as a link, right next to the text. You can also put the text describing it in one color and the link as another color on the same line. You can also add text only on one line, a text link on another, both together on another, and switch back and forth between these and different colors in different rotations, all within the same script! You can use the punctuation and text on your keyboard. In the Complete Text And Link Rotator, you can list the text links as any link names you pick to use or as actual web addresses. You have the same three timing approaches and hundreds of timing, just like you do in all our above rotators. Our rotating text or text links appear by the particular seconds, minutes, hours, or days they are listed on, for something new at a specific time, each visit. Or you can set separate timers to time however you want, from milliseconds up to days, with any timing in between, and can list many items. We also have this same feature timing them just as you want, from milliseconds up to days, but rotating them all randomly instead,--so it can be something different from the start every time this way also. Plus it can also rotate by days of the month or by days of the whole year. Read the next section for our random rotators important features. For the Complete Text And Link Rotator only click here. 

Complete Background Image Rotator

Rotating Background Images Is Different Than Rotating Regular Images And This One Is A Best Background Image Rotator You'll Find Anywhere. Our Background Image Rotator Rotates Background Images Or Background Colors Behind A Whole Page Or In Most Elements On A Web Page Including Divs! Rotates Background Images Or Colors By Milliseconds, Seconds, Minutes, Hours, Or By Day Of The Month Or Day Of The Year. Rotates Them In Order! A Background Image Random Rotator Comes With This Also!

Rotate Background Images In Any Directory And From Other Sites As Well As Your Own. Rotate Background Images For A Whole Page As One Large Image, Or As Many Images In Any Sizes To Repeat. Rotating Background Images In Divs Can Be Any Divs On Your Web Pages! Put You Can Rotate Background Images Behind Most Other Web Page Elements As Well! You Can Put Any Xhtml Over The Rotating Background Images That You Want, Like Text, Other Images And Much More!

If you don't need rotating background images behind a whole page, or don't need background images behind other web page elements, then our other image rotators above will do what you need instead. But if you would like effects of items on top of images rotating underneath it, or rotating background images underneath a whole page, then this is a best background image rotator you'll find anywhere! This is called the Complete Background Image Rotator because it rotates background images behind most web page elements, or behind a whole page, easily! We also have a background image rotator in PHP as well, link to our PHP Rotators at the bottom of this page. But since it doesn't matter if background images are searched by search engines and these can also go very fast or slow, people usually prefer this as their background image rotator. It doesn't matter where these images are located, you just list the addresses of the images you want to rotate anywhere. This offers very unique effects for those that want special kind of effects on their web pages. It also allows those that like an image or colors under their main pages to change them to others now and then. This has several image effects including a background color while changing to other image rotations or not. If you use it to rotate background images into page divs, you can put anything over them you want that you normally put on a page and the images can be in any sizes! You can also choose any of them to repeat or not. Plus it has ALL the same timing options as all our other main javascript rotators do above! If you want to see a small example of it working just go to the following link and then click on the back button when you want to come back, anytime. This is just rotating background images behind text and behind the whole page, but you can rotate background images in most other places as well! This background image rotator's example page.  A Background Image Random Rotator comes with this also. Read the next section for our javascript random rotators important features. Our Background Image Rotator is only 3.00! For any of these items, click here. 

About our random rotators for all our javascript rotators: The reasons the random rotators that come with all of the above are valuable is because they have ALL the same display functions listed for each of our rotators above. You can also list many items, and adjust its timing for as short or long as you want. Since the items are also chosen randomly, new items are always chosen from the start each time. They are also built so the same two items are never picked in a row! Your visitors won't notice that your random rotators keep selecting several items together, because these can't. These are many extra important features automatically included with all of these javascript rotators!

For Lowest Priced Php Rotators - Php Image Rotators - Php Content Rotators
And Very Low Priced Javascript PHP Combinations click here.

For Lowest Priced Cookie Rotators - Php And Javascript Cookie Rotators
We have many cookie rotators for the lowest prices also. With a cookie rotator the items rotate in order by each page load. This means if one particular rotating item is showing when someone visits a page, the next particular rotating item will show on the pages next page load. It doesn't change on the next page load based on a time option, but only when the next page loads. For our low priced cookie rotators  click here.

If you need a rotator that isn't listed, or aren't sure if these will rotate what you need, list your questions in "help" at the bottom of this page. It will be redirected to a "Terrific Content Rotators" programmer, who will get back to you very soon.

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